Megha Pilodit 40gm

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Megha Pilodit 40gm


Eliminates piles, constipation and ulcer.



Take one teaspoon in 100 ml of butter milk, after food in the night. Instead of butter milk you can use rice gruel stock also.


Boil one teaspoon of Pilon-B in two glasses of water, add rock salt provided in the packet and drink once daily.

Ingredients :
Malayalam Name Botanical Name Qty
Aavil Holoptelea Integrifolia 10 gm
Koduveli Plumbago Rosea 10 gm
Induppu Pottassium Cloride 5 gm
Kadukappal Holarrhema Antidysenterica 10 gm
Ayamodakam Apium Graveolens 10 gm
Cheruthippali Piper Longum 10 gm
Kurumulaku Piper Nigrum 10 gm
Kattuchena Arisaena Tortosun 10 gm
Padakizhangu Cyclea Peltata 10 gm
Njenjampuli Viits Setosa 15 gm
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Weight (Kg/L) 0.100000
Brand Megha
Country of manufacture India
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