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Kerapeat C-POM Soil Nutrient

Kerapeat C-POM Soil Nutrient

KERAPEAT C-pom is produced from coir pith extracted from decomposed coconut husks using a fungus called pleurotus and certain bacteria. It contains macro elements like Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Pottasium. It improves the soil to enhance its organic part and its structure. It ensures the availability and utilisation of the nutrients. The enzymes and hormones present in the C-pom help the growth and disease resistance of plants. It intensifies the productivity of the soil and it is a safe basic organic manure for all kinds of crops.

Speciality of KERAPEAT Organic Manure

1. Enriched with nutrients for healthy plant
2. Water holding capacity is enhanced.
3. Physical structure and organic control of soil
is improved.
4. The frequency of irrigation can be reduced.
5. Healthy growth of roots is ensured.
6. Fertility of the soil and productivity of the
crops are increased.
7. The availability of enzymes in the soil is
brought up.
8. Production, availability and utilisation of plant
hormones are intensified.
9. Resistance to pest and disease will be

How it benefits farmers

 Use of organic manures is indispensable as they improve the structure of soil and activate soil micro organism. But the scarcity and poor quality of manures create the need for better organic manures. KERAPEAT products are organic manures developed on the basis of the researches carried out by the Tamilnadu Agricultural University as well as the Coir Board , a Central Government undertaking. KERAPEAT is prepared by maintaining the macro elements like Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Pottasium and other micro nutrients in required quantities.

Farmers can completely avoid chemical fertilizers and confidently use KERAPEAT alone whether it is for agricultural produce or for the ornamental plants for obtaining good results. Their distinct physical structure and compact packing which facilitate safe preservation and easy use, bestow a special status on
our KERAPEAT products.

 Quality Control

 Each batch of our product is subjected to quality check in accordance with the advice and guidance of technical experts to ensure its quality.


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