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See your blood oxygen saturation levels in seconds and store up to 100 readings!

The Beurer PO 60 pulse oximeter is a non-invasive way of measuring your arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate. Keeping track of your oxygen saturation is an ideal way to find out how well your respiratory system is working. If your oxygen saturation is low, you will experience symptoms such as:

-          Difficulty breathing

-          Shortness of breath

-          Weakness

-          Sweating

-          Anxiety and nervousness

-          Increased heart rate

It’s a symptom of conditions like heart disease, asthma and other respiratory diseases. If you suffer from one of these conditions, you will be advised to keep an eye on your oxygen saturation to avoid complications. An oxygen monitor is a wonderfully reliable way of doing this. It uses red light and infrared lights, shining them through your finger. Blood with enough oxygen allows more red light to pass through, while blood that doesn’t have enough will allow more infrared light. This technology makes it quick, painless and wonderfully accurate!

Monitoring your blood oxygen is also useful if you take part in sports such as mountain climbing or skiing. High altitudes have a dangerous effect on your blood oxygen levels that can cause you to become faint. By monitoring your levels regularly, you can avoid complications before they happen; an oximeter will tell you if you are experiencing hypoxemia you start experiencing any symptoms.


Monitor your health via Bluetooth with the Beurer Health Manager app

The Beurer PO60 is a compact and easy to use monitor from the health experts at Beurer. It comes with its own carrying case that can be clipped onto your bag or belt so you always know where it is. The easy to read LCD screen rotates so that it’s readable from 6 different angles. When you attach the Beurer PO 60 to your finger you will see your measurement in seconds, illuminated in large numbers. You will also see a live graph of your pulse which makes it simple to see how your heart rate is doing at a glance.

With storage for up to 100 readings, the Beurer PO 60 allows you to monitor the progress of your blood oxygen over time. It also links up to the free Beurer Health Manager app so you can view graphs and charts of your measurements. This is ideal both for keeping track of your health yourself and for taking into medical appointments. Just press the button the front of your oximeter to sync via Bluetooth to your IOS or Android smartphone.

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